Blue Jay Web Services

API services for applications

Blue Jay Web Services provides universal secure services in the Cloud and makes those services readily available as company assets. These assets can then be changed and modified in the API to meet the needs of the organization in relation to the applications that support it.

All companies are in some state of digital transformation; a deepening involvement with their client/customers through the use the internet; those that dither away from it are being “shut-out” of mainstream consideration.

Primary to this transformation is how services respond to the changing needs of the organization. This is expressed in the rise of Microservices and is the impetus of Blue Jay Services to provide universal services where the users can define and redefine how they use those services in their applications.

As a cloud-based solution Blue Jay Services are always available with low latency.

Calculation Service

  • Organization have implemented the needs of calculation in code-based solutions, or service-based solutions that require redeployment when changes are required. Blue Jay Services allows the organization to define the decision paths and formulas and save them to be securely used by their applications. Making a change is then only a matter of changing the formulas.

  • For more information see: Equation Service

Orchestration Service

Coordinating the Ad-Hoc scheduling of objects to be returned at the appointed dates and times and intervals is the definition of orchestration. [to be released soon]