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Equation Solver

The Equation Solver is .NET Standard class library for declarative programming to effect changes to a state machine maintained as a collection of Variables. Equations are free-form expressions that are executed by the Solver.

For more information see: Equation Solver


A generic implementation of an orchestration library in .NET Standard. The principle concept being that orchestration is executed by returning objects at the appointed date(s) and time(s) [a.k.a. a schedule]; orchestration being defined as the coordinating the return of scheduled items.

For more information see: Orchestration


A .NET Standard class library providing common generic and helper methods useful in most applications

For more information see: Common

Async Logging

Asynchronous logging is used to provide logging that does not add significant execution time to the application execution. It accepts logging and returns immediately allowing the application to continue without waiting for the logging to complete.

For more information see: Asynchronous Logging